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Harry Potter and the Exercise of DOOOOOM

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Friday, January 7th, 2005
12:56 pm - CURVES!

I've been meaning to post here for awhile and now I'm procrastinatng (in my OFFICE) so now's as good a time as any. I joined Curves at the end of October and I've been going three to four (sometimes five, but usually not) times a week since then and it's really been good for me. Curves is a women's only gym, where you do a half-hour circuit workout with hydraulic machines, meaning that you can work as hard or as light as you want. You spend 30 seconds on each machine, with 30 seconds of aerobics in between.

What I really like about Curves is that it's very goal-oriented (which is good for me, because that's how I work), but it's also really health-oriented. The emphasis is more on losing fat than on losing weight, and once a month they take various measurements (your waist, hips, bust, arms, thighs, etc.) and your BMI. I haven't lost much weight, but I have lost two whole points on my BMI since I started (though that was before I went home for two weeks for the holidays -- eep). It's also fairly inexpensive as gym's go, though I have a student-rate that works a little differently. And it's very low pressure and friendly (mine is, anyway).

Anyway, just thought I'd let you guys know this is out there. It's the only thing I've found in years (besides riding my bike in Germany) that I've managed to stick with for more than about two weeks.

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10:19 am - Go me!

Happy New Year! I'm posting to brag beg for positive feedback share that I joined my local gym and swim center today!

Okay, I was all pumped up last summer because I'd been walking three miles a day and was five pounds away from my ideal weight. I'm 5'8" and would like to be 135. Right now, I'm 149, so basically I've got 15 lbs. to work off.

I did only a mile today before I started feeling really dehydrated. My heart arrythmia tends to get worse when I'm dehydrated, so I had to forfeit my treadmill on my search for the water fountain and couldn't do all three miles. Still, I was on for 20 minutes and worked up a nice sweat.

My question to you all, however, is this: I'm such a creature of habit, I can see me only using the treadmill and swimming laps unless someone tells me how easy/fun other gym machines are. I've heard of ellipticals, but I swear I'd pass out on one of those. Any favorite things to do at the gym? I'm going into a yoga class, but that's not going to really take off the weight. Suggestions?

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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
10:08 pm - hi everyone

So I'm new here. I know some of you, but not others, so I thought I'd stop in and say hi. My name's Stacy and I pretty much hadn't exercised in, good lord, we'll just go with months, until recently. I'm on a study abroad program right now in Germany and I discovered, once I got here, that the Germans are way more active than Americans are (they have to be, to make up for the meat, cheese, bread, and beer that are the staples of their traditional diet). I got a bike and have been biking to and from the University every day (about half an hour each way), and also to the center of town instead of taking the bus. I've also gone swimming quite a bit in the beautiful, amazing, doesn't-smell-like-chlorine-and-feet public swimming pool.

That's it for me right now. I look forward to being part of the exerce community!

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2004
7:00 pm - Welcome post

Welcome to exerce, aka Harry Potter and the Exercise of DOOOM.

This community was started as a bit of a brainstorm between significantowl and I, when we decided we need a place to talk and cheer each other on in meeting our exercise goals without spamming our friends lists.

The idea here is simple, it is easier to stick to an exercise plan if you have people to 'report' to, or a support system in place. So here is a place for you to 'report' what you got done, so everyone else can cheer you on. It can also be a great place to discuss exercises and ideas that work for you. Or maybe you're interested in trying something new and want to see what other people who have tried it think.

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